The Wig And Hair Clinic Taunton is a relaxing space for all your scalp Treatments.

Our scalp treatments address all scalp issues and are exfoliating, stimulating, and soothing to leave scalps calm and refreshed. Used regularly they encourage strong, lustrous hair. A healthy scalp is vital for hair to grow and thrive.

60 minute treatments of intense indulgence for only £90.

Itchy scalp (a condition known scientifically as ‘scalp pruritus’) is caused when the scalp’s natural moisture balance is disturbed, resulting in frequent scratching and discomfort.

Excessive itching can damage hair follicles and hair shafts which can be detrimental to those who are already prone to thinning hair.

When the scalp environment is balanced, clean and free from debris, new hair growth can thrive. However, certain lifestyle choices and medical conditions can prevent this from happening. If you think you might be suffering from one of the following medical conditions, it is well worth seeking advice from us.

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