A complete service is available at The Wig and Hair Clinic Taunton. We can offer wigs and hair-pieces that are made to your exact requirements and are the perfect solution for the client with complete hair loss.

The Wig and Hair Clinic Taunton “made-to-measure” is constructed using super-thin transparent skin-like polyurethane material. With its special base, it clings to all the contours on the head for an extremely secure fit for those with total hair loss that want that hair-like experience. With the Wig Company Taunton you can go into a hair Salon and still have a wash & blow-dry with the wig still in place. You can even swim, dance and go to the gym without the need to take it off.

The “cap” does not move and does not require the use of any glue or tape clips etc. This is the perfect choice for many individuals with no fuss, and no hassle. The colour and cut is custom made to your specification and only the finest 100% human hair is used for these exclusive, bespoke products. These products are low maintenance and are stated to look and feel as close to “real hair” as is possible. Many satisfied customers report that “no one would ever know you are wearing a wig”. The price for this service is £4995 all inclusive and our qualified staff are able to offer advice and guidance on this during your free 1 hour consultation.

During this free consultation, we are able to discus the range of options that are available to all clients. We believe that we can help everyone, whatever budget they may have. Our complimentary consultations allows us to get a real sense of what you would like to achieve. Nothing is too small or too big; all we want is for you to feel confident and happy. Your hair is the gown you never take off.

We offer our consultations in complete privacy so we can really get to know you and offer the best advice in comfortable surroundings.

After-Care Services
As part of our after-care services we offer a free wash and style every 20 weeks for as long as you need. This way we can guarantee the wig and make any alternations if required.

Hospital and home visits are also possible by prior arrangement. Please note that it take up to 20 weeks to complete your order.