Fibre Wigs

From £950. These Fibre wigs are 100% machine made. Mid to high end price ranges are for those that either have a hand tied area, or are 100% hand tied. These are the most lightweight and coolest options, thus making them more comfortable to wear.

Heat Resistant Fibre Mix Wigs

From £1400. These luxurious wigs feel soft & silky to the touch, and benefit from withstanding heated styling appliances, up to 140 degrees! (we recommend no heat if you want longevity)

Human Hair Wigs

From £2995. These 100% Natural Hair wigs are available in a variety of forms from Clip in Hair Extensions to wefts, weaves, toupees, toppers pieces and enhancers.. Human Hair Wigs give a more realistic appearance than synthetic wigs and have greater durability. They also allow the same styling and maintenance requirements as your real hair. They can be custom coloured and can tolerate heat from styling apparatus and equipment. Human Hair Wigs are also available in the above three categories.

Platinium Exclusive Human Hair Wig

An exclusive human hair wig. Custom cut and coloured to suit your needs. This is for someone looking for something softer, silkier and finer. This top of the range wig is recommended for use alongside another wig to maintain the longevity of the hair. From £4995 with a full maintenance package.

Special Effects Human Hair Piece

No after-care is required for these special effects human hair wigs so there is no extra cost each month for maintaince. This is a far better alternative for your scalp and hair than a integrated system which is sewn in.

This is suitable for:

  • Receding Alopecia
  • Thinning hair on top
  • Filling in a fringe or Female/Male Pattern Baldness

Prices starting from £2995
This is a made to measure area where it will blend in with your existing hair; it will add volume cover up disguising bald patches. It doesn’t matter how small or large the area is, no one will ever know as the piece is coloured and cut to match you hairstyle. At the moment this is a very popular enhancer that clients choose, many because they don’t want the feel of a whole wig.

After-Care Services

As part of our after-care services we offer a free wash and style every 20 weeks for as long as you need. This way we can guarantee the wig and make any alternations if required. We provide a “refresh service” that will refresh the colours in your wig and can also offer luxury hair treatments for wigs.

At no extra cost to yourself we recommend you let all our wigs and pieces dry naturally and away from any heat and direct sunlight.

Night Wigs

Even though it is incredibly tempting to sleep in your wig after a long day, it is important that you don’t. A wig specifically designed for sleeping can be purchased and this is called the ‘Night’ Wig. For £499 you can choose from five base colours.

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